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Dancer • Dance Teacher •  Studio Owner


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My name is Jessy and I am a 30-year old dancer, dance-teacher and studio owner from Passau, Germany.

As you can guess, my whole life is full of dance and it has always been my happy and safe place.

Born in Munich, Germany in 1989 I started dancing at the age of 3, taught my first class at the age of 12 and am now  leading my own dance studio since 2012 together with my friend Isis Wilden.

Besides organizing events/shows and  choreographing customized show acts for companies and  individuals, I am also signed with a local fashion show agency where I work as a dancer and model for fashion shows.

I am also a hard-working, passionate dancer and performer, and love to grow myself. That’s why I take every opportunity to take classes, workshops & intensives in order to become the best artist I can possibly be.

So take a look a my site and feel free to contact me any time.

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Dancer • Dance Teacher •  Studio Owner